Measuring a window for a roller blind installation is a straightforward process. You’ll only be using a few simple tools, such as a tape measure. Some individuals, however, are not comfortable with performing this task, fearing that they might record inaccurate figures, which could affect how they install the blinds.

Carrying out measurements is simple if you know the right process. When you measure a window for a blinds installation, keep these things in mind.

Choose between Inside or Outside Mount

Making this decision is crucial as the measurement between an inside mount and outside mount is different. Going for an inside mount means that you’ll be fitting your roller blind on the inside of the window frame. Conversely, an outside mount involves installing the blind outside the window frame. You need not worry which option is best; both look great.

Measuring for an Inside Mount

If you’re going to install your roller blind inside the window frame, make sure that your window depth is at least 60 mm. This ensures that the blind will fit neatly inside the recess.

Then, measure the width and length of your window frame. Grab your measuring tape, position it within the inside of the window recess, and measure across the frame from one end to the next. When determining the length, measure from the top of the inside recess to the windowsill’s base. Don’t forget to write down and double-check your measurements.

Measuring for an Outside Fit

If you plan to mount your roller blinds beyond the window frame, here’s how to do it. Measure the width by positioning your measuring tape from the outer edge of the architrave to the opposite end. Then, determine the vertical drop by measuring from the top of the architrave to where you’d like the blind to end. As always, remember to note down and double-check your figures.

Once you have the right measurements, you’re one step closer to getting a roller blind for your window. When you’re shopping for roller blinds in Manila, make sure to check out Projects Unlimited (Phil.) Inc’s collection of window blinds. We provide roller blinds in various styles and colors at a price that fits your budget.

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