Window Blinds

SUNPRO Mini Horizontal Blinds, PVC and Fabric Vertical Blinds, Woodstock (Foam wood) Horizontal Blinds and, Basswood (Real wood) Horizontal Blinds are timeless favorites that never go out of styles.
SUNPRO Sunscreen and Blackout Roller Shades are an almost indispensable feature of every low-rise and high-rise building. Make an Alliance with the sun . . . enjoy your favorite view while effectively protecting yourself from the glare and discomfort of the sun . . . or . . . totally eliminate natural light for a sharper image of your audio visual presentation.
Combi Blinds
Roller Blinds
Horizontal Blinds
Vertical Blinds
Lantex Blinds


JUDONG and SUPA Carpet Tiles are two exclusive brands that offer a wide variety of carpet tile colors that awakes and complement your design creativity on the floor. Direct human traffic, segregate activity, and identify distinct functions are just some of the challenges you can easily handle with the use of modular carpets.
Modular Carpet
Carpet Tiles

Office System Furniture (ARNO)

The ARNO Office System Furniture is composed of 4 integrated elements – partitions, seats, desks and storage systems. All these elements have been designed as individual free standing components which can be teamed with existing furniture items. It is simple to rearrange, adapting quickly and without fuss to the needs of your ever-changing work environment. Due to its rigid construction, it is designed to handle the knocks and bumps of being moved or relocated. See More


Resilient Flooring / Vinyl Flooring
Decoria Vinyl Planks and Luxury Vinyl Tiles are manufactured in Korea under strict quality strict quality standards. Proof of this are the Certificates it acquired from the following bodies. See More
Resillient FLooring
Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Wall covering or Wallpapers

Make your walls come alive with our wall coverings . . . the wall treatment that dramatically transforms your interior space into works of art. Delicate color effects, surfaces inspired by subdued shades, multiple variations and play of lights and colors – these are lively touches created with a taste that lends personality to even the largest spaces.
La Casa and Denise Vinyl Wall covering Collections are two classic selections of heavy vinyl that evolve with the color and design trends. These books offer a changing spectrum of designs for your walls – from plain, to geometric, to floral – making them highly adaptable to various types of applications both residential and corporate.
La Casa
Denise Vinyl

Cabitech Modular Kitchen Cabinet

The answer to every homeowner’s dream kitchen, completed by wardrobe and variety cabinet modules.
Unleash the innate creativity in you by mix matching styles, design, colors and material finishes. The possibilities are simply endless.
Kitchen Cabinet
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