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The ARNO Office System Furniture is composed of 4 integrated elements – partitions, seats, desks and storage systems. All these elements have been designed as individual free standing components which can be teamed with existing furniture items. It is simple to rearrange, adapting quickly and without fuss to the needs of your ever-changing work environment. Due to its rigid construction, it is designed to handle the knocks and bumps of being moved or relocated. The ARNO Office System Furniture is structured for creativity so that many types of spaces for individual work, complete workrooms, call centers, training centers team working and meetings can be achieved.
Presently, the ARNO Modular Partitions is supplied in three (3) standard thicknesses – 3.2cm, the ultra thin partition that gives your space a more modern look and at the same time maximizes space utilization, 4.5cm, for a more open and dynamic work environment to suit the active professional, and, 5.7cm, a compromise between ultra thick and ultra thin panels to suit your spatial requirements. The ARNO Modular Partition user has complete freedom to choose the type of materials to use for the panels. He can opt to use only one material finish or mix several materials together in one panel. Every ARNO Modular Partition is made under the most stringent quality controls to ensure long service life and satisfactory performance.
The ARNO Office Chairs are ergonomically designed for comfort, durability and suitability of use. They are available in various types – executive chairs, staff chairs, visitor chairs, gang chairs, waiting chairs, theater chairs, etc.
There is a wide range of ARNO Office Tables or Desks – executive tables, staff tables, conference tables to choose from. All can be manufactured to standard sizes as well as to customized specifications.
Filing and storage concerns are easily addressed with our comprehensive range of ARNO System Furniture Cabinetry.

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