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Window Blinds for Sale

Projects Unlimited has an almost limitless selection of window blinds. Our selection of blinds for sale includes our popular Combi Roller Shades manufactured in Korea under the Xera Dream Collection. The Xera Combi Roller Shades has been in the market since 2003 and has consistently remained a bestseller. To date, the Xera Combi Roller Shades selection has ballooned to over forty (40) designs to choose from and the variety continues to grow. So, let your imagination and creativity come to the fore with our Combi Roller Shades. They are specially made with your satisfaction in mind. Be it adding color to make your place come alive, enhancing the aesthetic value of your favorite room, or simply protecting your privacy, you are sure to find a Xera Combi Window Shade that is perfect for your taste.

Another hit in the window blinds line of Projects Unlimited is its Sunpro Sunscreen Roller Shades and Sunpro Blackout Roller Shades. Both of the office blinds have evolved as an almost indispensable feature of low- and high-rise buildings. Sunscreen Roller Shades and Blackout Roller Shades allow the user to make an alliance with the sun.

Tame the natural light to your best advantage with the help of roll-up blinds! Block off its glare with the Blackout Roller Blinds or allow a little bit of brightness in with the one percent (1%) transparency Sunscreen Roller Shades Fabric, welcome the warmth and enjoy your favorite panoramic view with the five percent (5%) Sunscreen Roller Shades Fabric, or simply ward off the sun with your choice of Sunshade Roller Blinds.

Not to be forgotten are the users of the conventional types of window blinds for the home that were produced much earlier but never go out of style. One of these window blinds is the Woodstock Horizontal Blinds preferred by users who like the wood look. Another type is the 4-inch slats Vertical Blinds that Projects Unlimited produces in two varieties – Fabric Vertical Blinds and PVC Vertical Blinds. The simple operation and economic cost of the curtain blinds are favored by a particular group of users.

Still yet another old-time favorite is the Aluminum Mini Horizontal Blinds. Although there are currently just one or two producers making Mini Horizontal Blinds, there are still customers who favor the use of Mini Blinds, especially for small windows.

Lantex is a special type of Horizontal Blinds. This UK-patented product exhibits excellent properties – bendable, scratch-resistant, water-repellent, anti-static, dustproof, energy-efficient and flame retardant. Lantex Horizontal Blinds blocks UV rays and is lightweight. These properties of Lantex Horizontal Blinds make it an excellent choice for ambitious projects.

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