Redecorating or home remodeling projects demand a lengthy list of expensive new furniture and decorative accessories. One of the more common entries in such lists are light fixtures, mirrors, maybe an artwork or two, with window treatments languishing somewhere on the bottom.
Sure, a dramatic drape or custom-tailored shade easily gives an additional home impact. The customization options can be a bit overwhelming, packed with color options, patterns, materials, and whatnot. However, the two most-cited window treatments you’ll encounter are roller blinds and roman shades. Each has its particular style and functional offerings, so let’s weigh which one deserves all your window spots.

Roman Shades – Dressy Drapes

Okay, interior designers might scoff at such classification, but Roman shades are the solution when drapes become impractical. The serene look of these shades allows for more elegant trims and even fun colors to spruce the windows up.

For small windows or those that are not the floor-to-ceiling variety, Roman shades add a touch of drama while staying simple and fuss-free. Be careful when you pick them up, however, as these shades absorb dirt and dust in its layers pretty fast. Avoid if allergens are a big no-no in the house.

Roller Blinds – All-Purpose Adornments

Warm looks are what roller blinds are all about. Its seamless feature options can provide an additional, but not intrusive layer of texture to a room’s interior. The best thing about roller blinds is there is no need to custom fit them to a window, as they are available in virtually any size.

The sheer practicality of rollers make them much better options than others, and unlike Roman shades, do not go dirty quickly. You can buy combi roller blinds in Manila featuring some classy designs that tie a room together.

The latest trends in Manila’s living spaces often favor the practicality and functionality of roller blinds more than chic aesthetic. Our roller blinds can offer the best of both worlds, with color and texture options that are sure to complement any well-designed interior, home or office. Contact us to learn more about our stylish and high-quality interior treatments.